How to Stay Active and Fit All Winter

February 3, 2016

Layer up and get ready! This episode is all about staying active outside all winter long. Get outside and stay fit with these suggestions for fun activities and gear. Run, hike, bike, and more this winter with the right tools. Of course a can-do attitude helps too. Bring it Mr. Wintersmith, we're ready to play!

Tips for Running Your First Half-Marathon

October 23, 2015

Running your first half-marathon is an investment of months not hours. Six months before the race I’d never run a mile without stopping. It was a hard process but completely worth it! If you are ready to challenge your mind and body by training for a half-marathon, here are some tips to get you to the finish line. 

In this episode I also welcome my partner, Steve, and share why the podcast has been on hold for the last 10 months.